Cheff Sy (Dorotea Wren)

Corpse Butcher, Saw Bones, Drug Lord. Whatever ya need, I got stranger.


Name: Cheff Sy (Dorotea Wren)
Sex: Female Age: 24
Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 122lbs
Hair Color:Red Eye Color: Green

Fate Threshold: 3/3
Divination: Even One Who Has Nothing Can Still Offer Their Life (A Roll of 10+ will keep a fate threshold after burning it to survive death
Last Stand roll on final Threshold is 7+)

Homeworld: Hive World
Background: Outcast
Role: Chirurgeon
Aptitudes: Perception, Social, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Toughness

WS:30 BS:25 STR:25 T:30 AGI:40 INT:45 PER:30 WP:30 FEL:40 INF:25

Carry: 57kg (Max Carry)/ 54kg (Max Lift)/ 108kg (Max Pushing)

Talents: Weapon Training (Chain, SP), Resistance (Poisons), Superior Chirurgeon

Skills: Sleight of Hand, Common Lore (Underworld), Deceive, Dodge, Stealth, Medicae+10, Scholastic Lore: Chymistry, Commerce

Special Rules: Teeming Masses In Metal Mountain, Dedicated Healer

Equipment: Common Craftsmanship Autopistol (2 reloads), Common Craftsmanship Chainsword, Common Craftsmanship Armored Bodyglove, Injector, 2 doses of Obscura, Medicae Kit, Respirator, Backpack, Heavy Apron

Autopistol: Pistol Range: 30m S/-/6 Damage: 1d10+2 I Pen: 0 Clip: 18 RLD: FUll WT: 1.5kg
Chainsword: Melee, Damage: 1d10+2 R Pen 2 Special: Balanced, Tearing

EXP: 0
Spent EXP: 1000

Medicae, Known-100xp
Scholastic Lore: Chymistry, Known-100xp
Intelligence, Simple-100xp
Commerce, Known- 100xp
Medicae, Trained-200xp
Superior Chirurgeon-400xp


Cheff Sy (Dorotea Wren)

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