In the 41st millennium mankind deals with strife. Those within, corrupted faith and the ailments of the mind and body. Those without, Xenoes species that constantly press on the borders of mankinds reach. Those beyond, The unseen world of the warp just barely out of reach but always close enough to whisper into the hearts of man.

This is the story of the Sol Risa, a Dauntless class cruiser. At the Helm is Inquisitor Armadeus, of Ordo Malleus. Under his wing is a crew of men and women, human and machine, who have all had history with the warp. Whether it was a odd encounter with some visions from beyond or entire families consumed by daemons, the people onboard Sol Risa have all experienced the perils of the warp and chaos.

The life long mission of this crew? To hunt the golden Relics of a group of Saints, names who have been lost to time. Scattered across the Askellon sector by thieves, looters, Rogue Traders, Xenoes, and the forces of Chaos. Inquisitor Armadeus has made sure to find the best of the best mankind has to offer, and in hopes, use them as a tool to retrieve these Relics safely.

These men and women might lose everything. Their minds, their bodies, their very souls, to the forces of Chaos in order to do as their Master asks. How far will they go? What breaking point will they reach? Will they be consumed by the warp? Or will the darker temptations of their sins take control?

The Key to hell

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